Tuesday and Wednesday at WWEC for a mid week outing for all the young horses and it has to be said that Tuesday was a fairly OK day but Wednesday was one of those truly awful mid summer days where the heavens opened and it was just horrible!

Tom still managed to pull off a win and a second though with Cassiana de Riverland (Cassie) showing how much she loves the venue with her second win in a month here!  Most horses are fine with WWEC but its not often that you find one that loves it!  The cross country running just behind the showjumping is quite off putting for most babies but then, to be fair, Cassie is a pretty confident young horse and she has now upgraded out of novice and into intermediate so sadly she will have to say goodbye to WWEC anyway!

Brookfield Marlow was the other little star of the next day taking out a runner up slot in the 100 with a 21.8 and a double clear.  This is a newish ride for Tom so good to see that they are gelling so quickly and that he clearly doesn’t mind a bit of rain and mud.

After that it was more of a schooling outing for the rest of the crew! Chatsworth Diamond ( Bill) started off really well with a 25 dressage but two rails meant he was out of the running for a prize so cantered around for a clear cross country.  Invictus (Ronnie) was living off his win at Dauntsey and a 27 looked as though he was heading the right way for a double until 11 added in the jumping also took him out of the prizes. MHS Pop Star ( Jack) is fresh from his BYEH win at Gatcombe and he made steady progress up the ladder with his second novice start with a workman like 31, a rail and a clear round.  Royal Spring ( Ralph) was clearly not a fan of WWEC as after a 36 and two rails he retired to the horsebox but Something Extra (Sonny)  is made of tougher stuff and he managed  to knuckle down for a 32, a rail and a clear cross country. The 100 horses that ran on Wednesday had the tougher deal but Shannondale Aero pulled off another good performance with a 26, the ubiquitous rail and a clear.

Midweek duties done and dusted and the team were lucky to have more horses in the international classes than the National ones at Somerford this weekend as Somerford has just cancelled all the National classes on Friday.  Boring to say the least as it is a great venue but good that the CI2* and CI3* will still hopefully get to run.