WEG: Jog and first look at XC

Tom and Toledo de Kerser have been on great form… or rather, Toledo has whilst Tom has had man flu so even flying Business Class didn’t lift his spirits!  The rest of us were much miffed to be in economy while the Brits flew business but Tom made the most of it and slept throughout the 9 hour flight.

Photo: Credit Liz Brown.  Tom and Toledo check out the gallop strip.

The venue is a total mixture of great and a building site.  The jog strip today got moved a few times and ended up on a camber with a dead end which is not ideal but all 83 starters got through.  The venue is still being built, the endurance today had a false start and a punch up between the stewards and a re route which is all interesting. There are roads still being built and the grooms on site ac consists of huts reminiscent of Auf Wiedersen Pet but the Brit grooms have been relocated into better ac so they are all good.

Tom and Toledo flew through the jog today and looked simply amazing.  I have no doubt that they are on flying form for a big week ahead.. as well as WEG we have Hurricane Florence to contend with!

We will try to keep you updated  but in the meantime check out the cross country below…

WEG: first look at XC