WEG Dressage

GBR-Tom McEwen rides Toledo De Kerser during the Showjumping. Final-4th. 2017 GBR-Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials. Sunday 3 September. Copyright: Libby Law Photography

Tom and Toledo de Kerser did a fabulous job in the electric atmosphere in the dressage arena at Tryon posting a final score of 28.4 which is less than a pole off second place.  With just the last rotation of team horses left to go this afternoon things are hotting up here both in temperature and in reality!

It has been seriously hot here with high humidity as well and while some of the horses are not exactly loving it I would say that Toledo is adoring it!  He looks a picture and it was a simple error in the last change that was the only low score of the test.

As always Tom not only rode beautifully but also dealt with allot of horsepower underneath him with tact and diplomacy.

There have been several meetings with the Chef d’Equippes and the Ground Jury over the length of the course as it was mooted that is may be shortened to 10 minutes.  Not many of the nations were in favour of this as it is a World Championships and most have brought blood horses for a reason.  It has now been decided that the course will remain at 11 minutes with a couple of modifications to the last two fences.

We do have torrential rain forecast for Saturday and Sunday so that is only going to add to the stamina test and it will be interesting to see how the ground holds up.