Sweden International Horse Show 30th November

The indoor cross country season is upon us and Sweden is the most generous of all the shows offering all expenses paid for both horse and rider, a winner takes all prize of a mini John Deere tractor worth around €22,500 and a team prize of €8000 for 1st and €4000 for 2nd with nothing for 3rd and 4th…. its a go for it competition.

Tom is good at going for it!  Royal Roxey so enjoyed herself in Aachen that she was picked for this trip and as Tom says, even though she is quite young for this type of class ( at 8 years old she was by some way the youngest in the field) she simply adores it.  She is a cross country machine, revels in the atmosphere and loves the limelight.  Despite two long days traveling she was as fresh as a daisy on arrival and nearly kicked Tom in the head at the trot up she was so full of herself and excited!

Joining Tom on Team GB were Ben Hobday and Georgie Spence.  Ben had the legendary Mulrys Error who is part shire and his career achievements are in spite of his body not because of!  He is a real dude for sure.  Georgie had Halltown Harley who was originally produced by Caroline Powell and another cross country legend.

The luxury of being in a 5 star hotel, lovely bedrooms, a 200metre walk to the venue, the biggest indoor shopping mall in Sweden another 200 metres away, nice bars, great restaurants and not a speck of mud or dirt in sight in November is pretty awesome!

Roxey found the whole show very much to her taste.  Despite her youth she was brilliant and as Tom says, in another year she is going to be seriously competitive. The whole thing was great fun as always and the SIHS are simply a delight to work with.  The team did well but not well enough to pick up any money but some serious fun was had by all.

The organisers worked so hard to find a soloution to the FEI imposing more and more rules on the indoor cross country and they did a brilliant job with keeping Phase C against the clock.  The audience loved it, the horses loved it and the riders loved it.

The Mixed Team won and it was a home win for Sweden with Louise Svensson Jahde winning the tractor.  And best of all?  Esib Power’s horse has a huge fear of the prizegivings so Tom loaned her Roxey so she got to strut her stuff all over again in front of a cheering crowd so she was pretty sure she had won a prize anyway!  Congratulations Ginny Rusher, you have bred a star!