Rectory Farm 28th August

So there I was thinking that 5 novices at Keysoe and 3 intermediates at Wellington were quite enough to fill the weekend before Burghley kicked off but not at all, Tom went to Rectory Farm with three young horses today for an unaffiliated run!  11 horses out competing the weekend before Burghley is pretty impressive!

Rectory Farm is a great venue just off the A417 North of Cirencester so a very easy destination for team McEwen.  They run good shows, have cross country fences built by the Willis Brothers and generally hire out the huge all weather arena for showjump or dressage practice.

Of the three babies he took I have only met one, Cassiana de Riverland ( Cassey) who Tom rode around at Barbury as her first outing into the the world of eventing.  She did look like she may be about to buck him off but was a strikingly good looking chestnut as well!  Another Riverland baby, Colibri de Riverland ( Colibri) joined the foray as well as a new purchase, Murray whom I know zero about apart for the fact Tom brought him just a month ago.

Tom said he had a fab day and when I asked him which was his favourite he answered ” I think they are all my favourites” which is not only very PC its also pretty cool!