Gain Horse Feeds

Gain Horse Feeds is the equine feed arm of Glanbia PLC, the global nutritional solutions and cheese group. While Glanbia PLC has a strong focus on human nutrition, Gain Horse Feeds focuses solely on equine nutrition. Manufactured in Co. Wexford in Ireland, Gain Horse Feeds prides itself on producing consistent, palatable, dust free feeds of the highest nutritional content to cater for all sectors of the equine industry.

Nutrition and quality are the cornerstones on which Gain® Horse Feeds has been built, with their special team of nutritionists, production, quality control, business managers and research and development. They have over 25 years experience in producing equine feeds to cater for all categories of horses and ponies. They constantly strive to incorporate the latest scientific research into our production techniques and product formulations to ensure that our customers are getting the best possible feed for your horse. All of their horse feeds are manufactured in a UFAS approved mill with their team of highly qualified and dedicated specialists constantly monitoring production and packaging of the entire range.

Gain Horse Feeds comply with the UFAS BETA NOPS code of practice and this assures owners and riders of the rigorous quality management procedures that have been undertaken during the manufacturing process. Gain Horse Feeds are in the unique position of managing the oat grain from seed to feed.

Gain Horse Feeds has a wide range of international experience with a presence in a wide range of markets including UK, Germany, France Czech Republic, Italy and Sweden as well as the Middle East.

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Alan Nolan
UK Business Manager Southern Region
Mobile: +447912978215