News by Jacky Green

Burnham Market International

It is always a long old weekend at Burnham Market and with 5 horses spread over three days Tom must have had a fair amount of hanging out to do! Not that the weather was condusive to ‘hanging out’ as it varied form bitterly cold to ... read more

Belton Grantham Cup win, XC video

Eventing Life do such a fabulous job capturing the rounds of literally every single horse cross country with multiple shots of all the fences at all the events that they back. Belton is one of their highlights and as part of their generous ... read more

Belton… all classes!

It was beautiful Belton this year as the sun shone, the usual biting Easterly wind was missing and with the footing being good to firm there was no need to bring out the wellies. Friday kicked off with a great start when Lordships Graffalo ( ... read more

Gatcombe 24th March

Three advanced and one intermediate for Tom on day 2 of Gatcombe and whilst it was awesome to have the sun shining the wind was on the bitter side! The ground seemed to be the best that the March Gatcombe has had for a long time and there were ... read more

Gatcombe 23rd March

So the home gig is actually always a tough one… the horses are generally pretty freaked at the sight of an entire event set up on the site of their hacking, turnout and galloping. This year Tom bucked the trend and with his three rides on ... read more

Oasby 8th March

Back to business with a brutal 2am start and, of course, a return to winter with wind and rain at Oasby making it just a little more challenging! That welcome spring weather with a balmy 17 degrees of 10 days ago seems to have shot off just as ... read more

Bicton CIC 2 star

The end of the season for Tom and his team but the final outing was pretty impressive to say the least! Tom took 4 of his up and coming horses down to Bicton for the CIC 2 star which was hugely popular at the end of the season and had huge ... read more

Boekelo Show Jumping

I have a feeling that Tom didn’t have too long to wait for the showjumping after the vet check… which both Royal Roxey and Watkins breezed through. Roxey didn’t exactly redeem herself with 16 faults although in fact that only ... read more

Boekelo Cross Country

Last year at Boekelo I don’t think we had a single day without endless pouring rain… this year they have basked in a heatwave in October which is unheard of at Boekelo!  Beautiful blue skies, crowds in shorts and T shirts… it ... read more

Boekelo Friday dressage

Tom rode Zara Tindall’s Watkins today in the 3 star dressage and whilst dressage would not be Watkins’ favorite phase he ticks the boxes and does the job. He is a jumper and he does what he has to do in the dressage to get to the ... read more

Boekelo Thursday dressage

The reports from Boekelo all say what fabulous weather they are having.. I cant imagine Boekelo under blue skies! Tom has Royal Roxey and he is also riding Watkins for Zara Tindall.  Roxey went today with Tom no doubt hoping that the quieter ... read more

Dauntsey 28-29th September

Two days at Dauntsey and still we get to compete in the sunshine which is nice!  Tom kicked off his weekend with Watkins who scored a 38 in the OI and jumped a nice clear showjumping.  Tom mentioned that he hadn’t sat on him since ... read more

South of England

Well when you are on a roll you sure are on a roll!  Fresh from his Team GB Gold medal winning performance at Tryon… if possibly a little jaded from sister Ella’s big birthday party in London the night before….and Tom smashed ... read more

WEG Show Jumping

Literally down to the very last horse and rider and the very last jump…..that was the finale of the eventing at Tryon. Ingrid Klimke and Hale Bob had it down to hand individual victory to Rosalind Canter and All Star B. Team Gold went to ... read more