News by Jacky Green


A slightly belated Gatcombe post so apologies… last Friday seems a while ago! Living on site has both advantages and disadvantages as we have documented before but with 9 horses running over the weekend at least there was no spending hours ... read more

Burghley Young Event Horse

Tom appears confused how how a bridle comes undone as he has to do the confirmation section with Shannondale Aero.   Being on the wrong side of the Park with 4 rides for the young event horse class was not really the way Tom had planned to ... read more

Wellington Bank Holiday Monday

As the social media world woke up to the shattering news that Tom and Toledo de Kerser will not be competing at the European Championships in Luhmuhlen Tom was already en route to Wellington Horse Trials with 2 advanced horses and one ... read more

Millstreet SJ and Cross Country

Another cool rainy day in Millstreet but it was hats off to Tom and Chatsworth Diamond ( Bill) as they show jumped clear to move up to 4th spot in the CI2*L class which is a huge success story for the Duchess of Devonshire’s homebred grey. ... read more

Millstreet Dressage

A busy day in boringly cool weather for Team McEwen whilst we in the UK enjoy a return to summer with a fabulous 28 degrees and not a cloud in the sky today! Chatsworth Diamond (Bill) posted a 30 in his CI2*L which is a credit to him and to ... read more

Millstreet Wednesday

As you can see from the photos of Tom at the CI2*L jog it’s not Summer in Ireland!  To be fair August has been a bit of a washout in the UK as well but as we on the mainland are gearing up for a predicted heatwave for the bank holiday ... read more


Tuesday and Wednesday at WWEC for a mid week outing for all the young horses and it has to be said that Tuesday was a fairly OK day but Wednesday was one of those truly awful mid summer days where the heavens opened and it was just horrible! Tom ... read more

Aston Le Walls

It seems not a month goes by in the season without the obligatory trip to Aston Le Walls!  There is a reason we keep going back however, ground as good as it can be and organisers Nigel and Ann Taylor know exactly what competitors want and ... read more

Gatcombe Park.. Festival of British Eventing

A busy weekend for Team McEwen with a total of 7 horses competing over the three days across the whole spectrum of classes from the BYEH class to the British Open. A great start to the weekend with MHI Pop Star (Jack) winning the Burghley Young ... read more

Camphire Sunday

Three cross country rounds for Tom to kick off the day and yet again it was Brookfield Benjamin Bounce who took the top honours! A clear in time was good enough to equal Kevin McNab’s score as both horses finished on their dressage ... read more

Camphire Saturday

Busy busy Team McEwen today with the three young horses in the CI3*S all showjumping first thing and all three of them moving up the leaderboard which was a great start to the day. Bob Chaplin ( Bob) showed his class with a lovely clear that saw ... read more

Camphire Dressage ( Friday)

Just two tests for Tom today and he and the lovely Bob Chaplin ( Bob) cruised into 10th spot in the very popular CI3*S class with a 29.4.  Bob is very talented and has been produced well so no doubt this is the start of a long and happy ... read more

Camphire Dressage ( Thursday)

Tom and his team have 5 horses out in Camphire with CHF Cooliser ( Eliza) in the CIO4*S Nations Cup team, No Excuse ( Jimmy) in the CI4*L for Ros Canter, and Brookkfield Benjamin Bounce (Bounce), Lordships Graffalo (Walter) and Bob Chaplin in ... read more

Aston Le Walls

Aachen or Aston Le Walls… its a tough choice!  Toledo de Kerser ended up at Aston instead of Tom’s preferred plan as the selectors decided to use Aachen to test out some of the up and coming horses so it ended up being an easy ... read more

Jardy ERM

  Unsurprisingly at just 9 years old Eliza was slightly off the pace after dressage with a 35.1 but she was sitting amidst allot of 5 star horses with the leader, the striking Qing du Briot having an Olympic God medal with his rider Thibaut ... read more

Upton House

The full compliment of 5 horses for Tom to ride at Upton House on Wednesday and with another sunny day it was slightly inevitable that the ground was on the firm side which meant steady runs for the whole crew.  It’s quite understandable ... read more

Barbury Saturday

A day of CI3*S for Tom with three to showjumping and go cross country in two full sections.  The main arena was running all day with showjumping and the cross country was still running strong at 6.30pm.  Great weather and a testing track made ... read more

Barbury Castle Thursday/ Friday

Summer has stayed on into July for Barbury which is awesome as Barbury in the wind and rain is just horrible! The new layout which the team at Muskateer have worked on is brilliant and very reminiscent of the original plan back in 2005 when it ... read more

Farley Hall

Summer finally arrived on Saturday with pleasant spells of sunshine but, as with the fleeting nature of summer 2019, it had gone again on Sunday leaving nothing more than some warmth and grey skies. That kind of summed up the whole weekend ... read more

Luhmuhlen SJ

After the jog… (which of course Fig flew through) there was not that much time to hang around before the showjumping as Luhmuhlen prefers to get the pesky 5* L out if the way before the real fun begins with the CI4*S which is the German ... read more

Luhmuhlen Cross Country Day

Whilst the competitors and their connections slept a massive rainstorm unleashed its self upon Salzhausen and everyone awoke to a massively flooded venue. Sarah Bullimore posted a video of a bale of shavings floating past her truck and the whole ... read more

Luhmuhlen Friday dressage

Tom and Fiagro van het Broekxhof ( Fig) have posted some impressive scores at CI 4*S this Spring but this was their first attempt at CI 5*L and they absolutely nailed it with a 32.3 to sit in 11th in a small but very classy field. If Fig has a ... read more

Luhmuhlen jog.

Tom seems to have slowed down considerably from his manic start to the season as he is now extending the  holidaying theme in Germany with just one horse at Luhmuhlen.  Admittedly Luhmuhlen is a 5 star so having one horse is normal but you ... read more

WWEC 9th June

Just a Sunday of 5 novices to keep the team entertained this weekend and yet another day in which Tom was on flying form.  Out of his 5 rides only one finished out of the  top 4 and to be fair to Royal Spring ( Ralph) he is probably the ... read more