Millstreet Wednesday

GBR-Tom McEwen heads back to the stables with Chatsworth Diamond after the First Horse Inspection for the Donagh Hickey Motors CCI2*-L. 2019 IRL-Millstreet International Horse Trials. Glens Gren Arena. Millstreet. Co. Cork. Ireland. Wednesday 21 August. Copyright Photo: Libby Law Photography

As you can see from the photos of Tom at the CI2*L jog it’s not Summer in Ireland!  To be fair August has been a bit of a washout in the UK as well but as we on the mainland are gearing up for a predicted heatwave for the bank holiday Millstreet is… wet and muddy.

Chatsworth Diamond ( Bill) is the horse that had the only job today as Millstreet have had a record number of entries and are juggling the timetable as best they can to fit it all in.  Some classes are doing dressage until 6.50pm at night which is all good and well in summer sunshine but I am not so sure its that much fun when its cool and wet!

Annie Hambrook looks pretty happy though as always and she has some nice horses to look after this week…Tom has his Gatcombe Intermediate Championship winner Dreamaway ( Dreamer) in the CI4*S as well as CHF Cooliser ( Eliza) while Figaro van het Broekxhof (Fig) is in the ERM CI4*S.

Meanwhile Todedo de Kerser is back at home waiting for his time to shine at the European Championships next week.  His preparation has also been slightly scuppered by the weather as after leading the dressage in a huge CI4*S section at Hartpury the wind and rain on Saturday morning meant that the showjumping had to be moved to the indoor.  That meant a hasty exit as its a funny indoor.. you have to warm up at the top then move down to the small warm up on the entry to the main indoor with a small arena and the audience sitting above.  None of which was going to be helpful to the quirky Toledo!

Luckily Tom also had an entry into Somerford for the CI3*S and after another smart test the event…cancelled due to the wet weather. Trucking up to Cheshire just for a couple of dressage tests was not really part of the plan!