Luhmuhlen jog.

GBR-Tom McEwen presents Figaro van het Broekxhof during the 1st Horse Inspection for the Longines CCI5*. The Longines Luhmuehlen International Horse Trials. Salzhausen, Germany. Wednesday 12 June. Copyright Photo: Libby Law Photography

Tom seems to have slowed down considerably from his manic start to the season as he is now extending the  holidaying theme in Germany with just one horse at Luhmuhlen.  Admittedly Luhmuhlen is a 5 star so having one horse is normal but you think he would have added something for the CI4*S class just to keep him occupied in the mornings.

Although to be fair the list of starters in the CI4*S is like the German who’s who of eventing superstars so maybe not the best place to bring a horse who can’t do a sub 20 test yet.  Tom has Figaro van het Broekxhof in the CI5*L for his first attempt at the very top level of eventing and clearly wants to spend the entire week focusing on Fig.

First things first and the jog.  It was good to see that a massive storm threatened throughout the jog ( we in the UK are so over the return to winter that we are delighted to see no summer in the rest of Europe – understandably I think ) but despite some rain and some rolling of thunder it basically by passed Salshausen so no drama.  But this photo of Tom is simply my favorite in a long time with a moment in time captured beautifully by Libby Law.  The stars of the show are Fig and Tom yet Lucy Seddon has executed the perfect photo bomb. In the middle of the picture an East German Olympic Wrestling Team Member has Tom is her sights and is heading in for the kill.  Picture Perfect!

Tom and Fig strut their stuff at 2.48 CET tomorrow ( Friday) and you can follow the live stream for £5.99 on Horse and Country TV.  Just remember to cancel your “free 7 day trial” after Luhmuhlen!