Le Lion d’Angers

GBR-Team McEwen at the GB Stables during the First Horse Inspection for the CCI3*-L7YO. 2019 FRA-Mondial du Lion – FEI World Breeding Championships. Le Lion d’Angers. France. Wednesday 16 October. Copyright Photo: Libby Law Photography

A pretty soggy crew as you can see for the jog at Le Lion on Wednesday afternoon!  It is forecast to rain for most of the week but this afternoon saw some non stop precipitation which did little to dampen the spirits of all concerned as it is alway a pleasure to have horses at the World Championships for 6 and 7 year olds.

Tom is two handed in the 7 year old division with Brookfield Benjamin Bounce ( Bounce) and Lordships Graffalo ( Walter).  Le Lion runs with the format of 6 year olds in the morning and 7 year olds in the afternoon for the whole week so even though Bounce was drawn 2nd to go there is still no early morning call for the team which is nice at this end of the year. Walter and Tom go at 1.07 (CET) on Thursday with Bounce at 1.56 (DET) on Friday.  Very respectable and easy times!

Both horses looked great at the trot up which is usually without any drama as these young horses bound up and down the trot strip which is held bang in the middle of the stables.  It keeps it simple and relaxed which is a good start for their international careers and there are always some beautiful horses on show as the best of the yearbook goes public.

There is a livestream to follow as well….. http://www.mondialdulion.com