Gatcombe International 9th September.

No international horses but 4 very nice novices for Tom on a day that felt very autumnal with showers, some sunshine, a cool breeze and a real feel that summer is clearly over ( or what we had of summer back in June anyway).

Today was Braveheart B’s day… he clearly relished showing off in the top paddock with all his mates watching and posted a 23 and finished on that for the top slot in his section. He has had a great season with Tom and it was a win in good company at Gatcombe as well!

Nasdaq High ( Bodie) had a good day as well.  He scored 27 on the flat, tipped a rail and then sped round the cross country for just 2.4 time faults which also left Tom rather satisfyingly point 5 ahead of his girlfriend, Holly Woodhead, demoting her to 5th!

Dream Big ( Dreamy) also had a good run.  Dreamy is only 6 and a full TB so she doesn’t catch the judges eye like the foreign horses but she has a super jump and attitude and the TB’s never look as flash at novice… she has a clean sheet cross country all season with Tom and that’s what counts going forward!

The Magician (Mars) looked spectacular jumping with Grant Wilson earlier in the week ( and came pretty close to bucking Tom off too which is always fun to watch!) but the tacky ground didn’t suit him in the showjumping and he picked up 8 faults.  A great dressage of 25 and his usual clear cross country still left him in 11th but he is a frustrating horse over the poles!

That ended Tom’s competitive weekend at Gatcombe and he hosted his annual ‘stables’ get together in the evening for family, friends, sponsors and owners which as always was a relaxed and fun affair with the horses smack in the middle of it….just the way they like it.