Gatcombe 24th March

Three advanced and one intermediate for Tom on day 2 of Gatcombe and whilst it was awesome to have the sun shining the wind was on the bitter side! The ground seemed to be the best that the March Gatcombe has had for a long time and there were plenty of fresh horses around to make the most of it.

CHF Cooliser ( Eliza) was ever the professional and despite it being her first start of the year and on home ground she posted a 29 dressage and backed that up with a polished double clear. Dream Big ( Dreamy) was seriously fresh and lacked Eliza’s restraint! A 42 test followed by a fairly onbound showjumping which added 16 faults was one way of blowing the cob webs away! The infamous double of corners at 7a b was causing its usual share of problems but Dreamy created her own issue when she dropped back to trot in the middle of them to get a better look at the second question. That must have been quite the heart stopping moment for her pilot who bravely still attempted to jump them but Dreamy decided that was bonkers so wisely declined. Hopefully that may have banged that little habit on the head!

No Excuse has been beautifully trained and produced by Ros Canter and did a lovely test in section M for a score of ….37. Tom was not the only rider in that section to stand at the score board looking slightly baffled but I guess you cant please all of the judges all of the time. A rail and another polished cross country round followed up to cement the new partnership.

Another Ros Canter product, Rehy Royal Diamond, was beautifully behaved in his intermediate section for a 28, a rail and a solid clear cross country. That was his first run since Le Lion d’Angers last October so a great way to start the new season.

So ended a bright start for the horses and the last of the uber local events for a while. Its up North for Belton next weekend where Toledo de Kerser has his first international run before Badminton.