Gatcombe 23rd March

So the home gig is actually always a tough one… the horses are generally pretty freaked at the sight of an entire event set up on the site of their hacking, turnout and galloping. This year Tom bucked the trend and with his three rides on “novice” day he won 2 out of three which is pretty damn cool!

Limited to three rides due to the ballot rules but with a class act like Lordships Graffalo it was a Dream Team operation. Ros Canter has not only produced him beautifully but was good enough to end his 2018 season on 20 points which left Tom with just the one novice run in hand. Tom added another 6 points today with his win today, comfortably upgrading him to intermediate.

Brookfield Benjamin Bounce is another new ride for Tom, having previously been produced by Aussie International Kevin McNab. That enabled Tom to win another Novice section by a huge margin of 4 points and yet another meet and greet with the Princess Royal.

Chatsworth Diamond looks like one for the future. I would’nt say he is 100% on side yet with Tom as his results looked a tad off the pace of the other two but they are a work in progress an Tom always wins them around to his way of thinking!

Tomorrow we have another 4 Intermediate and OI runs to follow… home turf often throws up a few surprises so watch this space!