Farley Hall

Summer finally arrived on Saturday with pleasant spells of sunshine but, as with the fleeting nature of summer 2019, it had gone again on Sunday leaving nothing more than some warmth and grey skies.

That kind of summed up the whole weekend really, there was a singular highlight on Saturday and apart from the that the rest was “a bit rubbish” to quote Tom in one of his more technical sayings! Having seen the showjumping scores (and when Toledo de Kerser is the only horse out of 7 to go clear you know its a tough showjumping!) I put in a call to Tom asking if it was a bad course on bad going.

Not a bar of it.  Apparently it was a very good, intelligently built track with light poles and a very technical course build which included a treble which Tom described “as a wall of poles”. I assume that was his view from Coilibri de Riverland who was doing his first intermediate!  A respectable dressage was slightly marred by the 12 jumping faults but we can forgive a first timer and he did go clear cross country. Dream Big ( Dreamy) isn’t always supercareful so a couple down there wasn’t the end of the world and Dreamy then made time cross country without even trying which is par for the course there.

Brookfield Marlow is a new ride for Tom and has only done a couple of 100’s.  He and Tom gelled their partnership with a 29 before… of course..knocking a rail for 4 faults! They did go clear cross country though whereas Royal Spring ( Ralph) not only had 4 faults but also picked up his first ever cross country fault for a 20!

Something Extra ( Sonny) managed to keep his cross country record intact but added 8 showjumping to his tally.  By the time Tom got on Toledo de Kerser he and Jesse Campbell were in agreement that things really could get no worse as they both seemed to have lost the ability to jump a clear round!

As always Toldeo saved the day. A 24 dressage followed by a clear round with nothing to add cross country won them the AI and some relief at the end of a very frustrating weekend! Everyone needs a Toledo!

And it could have been worse… 3 of the others go balloted out!  Me thinks Tom may be heading to Arville for the ERM in 2020!