Dressage Thursday Badminton

The sun came out for the Badminton trot up and was much welcomed… the horses gleamed and I don’t think there was a better looking horse at the jog than Toldeo de Kerser who positively stole the show.  Although in his unique way he did look reluctant to go and strut his stuff when asked to approach the ground jury!  He came back past them looking a million dollars though and was then completely shown up by newcomer Strike Smartly ( Paddy) who took it all in his stride and looked like the ultimate pro!

Dressage early this morning with Toledo who really did a fantastic test.  One late change was the only blip  (out of 4 changes) and it was the usual slightly disappointing Thursday morning marking.  28.9 leaves Tom and Toledo a mere 5 points off the lead in 12th at the end of the day and as Tom said in his interview afterwards, its sticky going right now so he is happy to be running cross country early on Saturday.

The sun shone all day and it was glorious.  It will be interesting to see how much it continues to dry but even with the good temps there are still going to be tacky sections and 12 minutes at 4 star speed is tough enough.  The word is that it may not be as big as it looked as last year but it is technical and after the limited prep allot of the horses have had this year that could be telling on them mentally.

Paddy goes right at the end of the day tomorrow and as always Lucy Seddon is working hard…its such a team effort at this level.  Ali McEwen is there and Bobby McEwen managed to fit in the trot up before zipping off to officiate at Bath races yesterday evening!