Dauntsey 28-29th September

GBR-Tom McEwen during the course walk for the Showjumping for the FEI World Team and Individual Eventing Championship. 2018 FEI World Equestrian Games Tryon. Monday 17 September. Copyright Photo: Libby Law Photography

Two days at Dauntsey and still we get to compete in the sunshine which is nice!  Tom kicked off his weekend with Watkins who scored a 38 in the OI and jumped a nice clear showjumping.  Tom mentioned that he hadn’t sat on him since Wellington so it perhaps slightly explained the 38! Watkins didn’t get to run cross country as Tom is taking him to Boekelo which will be fun for him as Watkins is an out and out jumper. Dream Big ( Dreamy) posted a 37 in her OI section which was perhaps a little harsh and then unusually for her picked up 4 faults in the showjumping.  She did manage to dispose of a front shoe somewhere around the track so maybe that didn’t help but her usual smooth cross country round followed which is a nice way for her to head to her first CIC 2 star at Bicton next month.

The Magician ( Mars) scored a flashy 31 on the flat which is not unusual for him before annoying Tom by having 4 faults in the showjumping!  I thought it was a very nice round but Tom is not impressed with Mars’ 4 fault-itis! He also found Dauntsey cross country much to his liking and another clear cross country bodes well for his 2 star at Bicton as well.

Tom was hotfooting it home by lunchtime and returned on Saturday morning with 4 young horses.  Youngsters and Dauntsey are not always the greatest mix but Tom’s two novices, Cassiana de Riverland ( Cassey) and Colibri de Riverland ( Colibri) are two very smart six year olds with a good grounding already on their cards. Cassey scred a 35 and a double clear for 11th whilst Colibri added 4 faults to his 35 dressage but a slightly faster cross country put him into 9th in his section.

Something Extra ( Sonny) has a few 100’s under his belt now and he was well up for the Dauntsey challenge.  Adding just 2.8 time to his 35 dressage left him in 10th place and another good educational run to add to his experience.

Invictus ( Ronnie) was having just his third start and after a very grown up test for a 31 managed to get through the spooky showjumping with just 8 faults. Cross country proved a little more challenging with a couple of 20’s collected en route to arriving through the finish flags but that’s the fun of eventing… one week Tom is sitting on a World Champion Team horse and the next he is kicking a baby round his third ever start and using all of his experience to teach Ronnie that is really will be fun soon!