Burnham Market International 14-15th April

An 8.30 am dressage in Norfolk on Good Friday…. guess that’s one way not to hit traffic!  Tom had a bust day on Friday with CIC 2 and 3 star dressage, an advanced, an Oi and an intermediate to get through.

Reports of a bitter easterly wind and fairly firm going filtered back from Burnham although there was allot of praise for how much had been done to make the ground as good as possible.  It has been a particularly dry April in fairness.  The stabling, priced on site at £100 a box, ( even for just one night!) did not endear organisers Muskateer to anyone in particular and there were elements to the cross country course which also did not gain a huge following amongst the professional riders.

However, the star of Friday was undoubtedly Diesel (Charlie) who rather coolly rocked up to his first event of 2017 as the advanced at Burnham Market ( who needs an OI run when you are a dude like Charlie?!), flicked out a 68% test in the advanced (I am pretty sure Tom must have been as surprised at that as anybody as the last time Charlie was seen in public was  when he was off his head at Stockholm CSI 5 star indoor cross country in November!), went double clear with just 7 time and placed 7th in a section ram packed with Badminton bound horses. Go Charlie!

Royal Roxey didn’t dazzle the dressage judges in the 2 star quite as much as she normally does for  a 55 but she more than made up for that in the jumping phases on Saturday morning with a double clear. Looks like Roxey is on great form this spring as well.

Catch riding for Lucy Jackson gave Tom the luxury of one of the Rolls Royce’s of eventing, Willy Do in the open intermediate. A 32 dressage followed by a double clear was great and Willy Do must have been seriously excited to be allowed to go cross country for the first time this season.  Superstition (Stinky) certainly does not have Willy’s experience under his belt but he is a very smart young horse and a 32 and another double clear in the intermediate was a great result.

Joyride (Wibley) was in the enormous CIC 3 star class with well over a hundred starters.  Wibley did his test on Thursday, there was dressage all day on Friday and on Saturday as well! A 55 put them mid field with scores ranging from one in the thirties to around 68. Wibley’s jumping phases at least are in the early part of Saturday afternoon so they may possibly be home in time for tea!  Or a late supper…. sort of post theatre supper…

Tom had a really great ride on Wibley in the CIC 3 star.  They showjumped clear and despite the cross country involving some major turning questions Wibley answered them all really well which shows how much he is growing up.  Tom said he was “jumping amazing” and he was very unlucky to pick up a 20 in the first water when he tripped up the step and had no chance of getting out unpenalised.  Even the last water with its big drop in over a house, a 90 degree turn to a log in the water and another turn to a house out was no problem for him so it was a good end to a long but successful three days.