Burghley dressage 31st August

The sun came out at Burghley for Tom and Toledo de Kerser’s dressage test and Toledo looked absolutely stunning in it. Lucy Seddon had turned him out beautifully and as he cantered down the centre line there was a moment of tension when he really did not want to stand still for the halt before he executed some pretty amazing trot work including the best extended trot I have ever seen him do.

Just one change went out of the window but overall it was a polished and powerful test which the judges rewarded with a 47.5 and at the end of the first day of dressage Tom lay in 8th which is  impressive.  Tom says the track is everything we have come to expect from Burghley and it will not be a dressage competition although it does help to be right up amidst the best of them!  The rain that had been forecast managed to miss Stamford and the going looks as perfect is it could possibly be.

Toledo will be delighted to see the back of the dressage saddle for a fair while and it is the jumping phases yet to come where he will really shine. One of my favourite comments of the day was when Chris Bartle said ” Toldeo reminds me of La Biosthetique Sam in so many ways” which is just about as good as it gets!

GBR-Tom McEwen rides Toledo De Kerser during the First Day of Dressage. Interim-8th. 2017 GBR-Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials. Thursday 31 August. Copyright: Libby Law Photography