British Eventing Magazine 29th June

The latest BE magazine is out and Tom is the main feature with a lovely cover shot of him and Toledo de Kerser.  As always Tom is quick to mention his whole team in the interview giving everyone credit for his success and being open and matter of fact about the route he has taken.  He credits the Funnell’s and Carl Hester for time spent with them both working on their yards, thanks Rodney Powell for giving him Major Sweep as an advanced ride when Tom was green at that level and credits Dry Old Party ( Tom) with giving him such great 4 star experience at just 19 years old.

I remember looking at a photo in Horse and Hound some years ago of one of Pippa Funnell’s younger horses with both her and Tom and she turned the page upside down and commented to Tom ” That one put you on the deck most days, you may remember it more from this angle”! It was a funny remark but riding the three and four year olds at the Funnell’s was hard work with plenty of unscheduled dismounts but it is a part of what makes Tom such a great horseman today.

Tom has also just been longlisted for WEG with Jane Inns Toledo which is a goal they have been aiming at all year.  And the other nice thing about this edition is that many of Tom’s sponsors have taken half and full page adverts out alongside the article so whether Tom likes it or not this is a very much a Tom McEwen magazine!