Boekelo Thursday dressage

The reports from Boekelo all say what fabulous weather they are having.. I cant imagine Boekelo under blue skies!

Tom has Royal Roxey and he is also riding Watkins for Zara Tindall.  Roxey went today with Tom no doubt hoping that the quieter atmosphere on the Thursday would suit Rockstar Roxey and help him get a better test.

Apparently not! Judging by the fact that Tom is languishing near the bottom of todays scoreboard I would say that Roxey found the whole atmosphere pretty intoxicating! The scores start out ok and indeed, the shoulder in’s in particular seem to be a highlight, but it goes pretty much downhill after that culminating in a submission score of 5, 5 and 4 which is not exactly what Tom is after.  Hopefully Roxey will now put her jumping shoes on and have some fun.


Watkins tomorrow…while Watkins is no fan of dressage at all he does at least try his best to get through the test with as little fuss as possible.  Unlike our diva Roxey… things can only improve! Nothing like a chestnut mare to make your last outing being part of the Gold Medal World Championship team feel like light years ago and to bring you back down to earth with a bump!