Boekelo Show Jumping

I have a feeling that Tom didn’t have too long to wait for the showjumping after the vet check… which both Royal Roxey and Watkins breezed through.

Roxey didn’t exactly redeem herself with 16 faults although in fact that only dropped her one place! Taking out fence 1 and 2 is never the greatest start but I am not sure she really needed to pick up another 8 faults… the good thing is that Roxey is totally unaware of her placing and as far as she is concerned she has had simply the best fun week and a holiday in the field is going to be very dull by comparison.

Watkins very nearly did move up into the top 20 but a single rail and the resulting  4 faults was good enough to move him up from 30th to 23rd. That is some climb from 64th after dressage! Both horses have finished sound and well and will be trucking home tonight and heading for their autumn holidays in the paddock.

Tom just has his band of up and coming youngsters at Bicton CIC 2 star next weekend to finish the season and then that is a wrap for 2018.. what a rollercoaster it has been!