Boekelo Cross Country

Last year at Boekelo I don’t think we had a single day without endless pouring rain… this year they have basked in a heatwave in October which is unheard of at Boekelo!  Beautiful blue skies, crowds in shorts and T shirts… it felt like we were watching Luhmuhlen on the livestream!

Tom is an accomplished event rider and great to watch in all phases but when Tom goes fast cross country it is simply spectacular to watch!  Royal Roxey may have been tackling her first CCI 3 star but Tom was out to have a proper crack at it and they have a good three CIC 3 stars under their belt.  Roxey stepped up to the challenge and looked like she loved every minute and was pretty sassy towards the end as if to say ” Got this, Tom, seriously, I have got this” which resulted in a couple of slightly hairy shots on the livestream but they finished strongly adding just 7.6 time.  They had opted for just one long route and Boekelo’s time is never easy with its twisty and endlessly turning track and have risen from 76th after dressage to 44th.


Tom has competed Watkins throughout 2018 as Zara has been pregnant with her second daughter.  He doesn’t get to ride him so much at home though but they have developed an amazing cross country partnership and have never picked up a fault.  Today was no exception as they aced the track taking every single straight route and looking bang on song at every single tricky combination. Watkins is a zippy little thoroughbred which is right up Tom’s street and they really did look brilliant today and it was so much fun to watch them come in just 1 second under time and another metereroric climb from 64th to 30th.  Don’t be surprised if Tom climbs up into the top 20 tomorrow as he is less than a rail away and he and Watkins have jumped 4 double clears in the last few starts…