Boekelo… 8th October

The good news is that Strike Smartly ( Paddy) is absolutely fine and will live to fight another day, he just really didn’t fancy jumping on Sunday afternoon!  He looked as though he had hit the legendary Boekelo parties really quite hard and along with at least half of the riders and grooms was carrying a bit of Boekelo baggage on Saturday night!  But, along with the rest of them, once the trot up was over and he had stayed in bed for a lie in whilst that was going on, he perked up and looked ready for anything!

Its a shame as Team GB had put up such a good show on cross country day and Tom’s supersave /aka Cossack impression was rather left in tatters by Sunday.  But a wet Boekelo is always a challenge and all horses come back from Boekelo with the experience of the first big crowds they have ever seen.

Aldon now… with a stack of one stars!