Blair Castle

Having been selected for WEG with Toledo de Kerser ( which was actually not that much of a surprise when you think about it) Tom decided that he had better make this weekend count so he drove 5 horses up to Blair Castle in Scotland to contest 4 different classes. ( Ahem. I doubt he drove all the way). That is allot of course walking and Blair is renowned for its hilly terrain so it is going to be one fit boy that heads out to Tryon!

And all of the horses went beautifully despite being rocked right out of the Southern Heatwave into “Welcome to Scotland where it is always green as its cool and breezy” atmosphere.  Nasdaq High ( Bodie) scored a 29.3 in the CCI 1 star to be right up there which is a pretty good effort in your first CCI.  CHF Cooliser ( Eliza) is fresh from her win at Gatcombe and reveling in the coverage and photo that she got in Horse and Hound so she went all out in the CCI 2 star for a 28.7 which leaves her in 2nd spot.  Go that girl!

In the CCI 3 Strike Smartly, ( Paddy) hugely relieved no doubt to be tackling tough old Blair instead of super tough Burghley went all out to lead the class on a 26.9.  That is seriously toe flashing superstardom! Paddy has struck up a solid partnership with Tom and that is without doubt a challenging score to lay down on day 1.

Figaro van het Broekxhof ( Fig) was not to be outdone and he broke the 30 barrier with a 29.8 which is also pretty smart.  Lucy loves all the horses but she has a soft spot for Fig.. as you can see from the photo!

And last but by no means least we have Royal Roxey in the CIC 3 star ERM tomorrow.  Roxey does her dressage while the rest of the team go cross country and we have selected Royal ( Lorde) as her first song although since the chorus is ” You will never be royal” it may just grind her gears.  So we have some soothing “Avalon” by Roxy Music for the canter work which is traditionally quite an exiting part of the test for Roxey. Actually its quite exciting for Tom too as he struggles to remain in the arena and not at full gallop….

GBR-Tom McEwen’s Figaro van het Broekxhof, with his gorgeous Groom, Lucy, after the ERM CIC3* Dressage. 2018 BEL-Concours Complet International D’Arville. Saturday 23 June. Copyright Photo: Libby Law Photography

And the best bit?  You can watch the ERM live on the link below…