Blair Castle CCI’s and ERM CIC 3 star

GBR-Tom McEwen rides Strike Smartly during the First Day of Dressage. Interim-16th. 2017 NED-Military Boekelo CCIO3* FEI Nation Cup Eventing. Thursday 5 October. Copyright Photo: Libby Law Photography

It  has been a busy weekend for Tom and then today the rain came down in spades just to make things a tad more complicated.  I take my hat off to the team.. Lucy Seddon in particular as managing 5 horses in wind and rain is just not fun!

The local crew had come dressed for August in Scotland and had hats, sou’westers, stout boots, umbrellas and that peculiar look that comes from mostly always squinting through rain.  Tom meanwhile, fresh from the southern heatwave seemed slightly short of clothes as he was spotted going cross country in a bright blue raincoat!

Kicking off the day was Royal Roxey in the ERM SJ.  It has to be said that apart from the 2 verticals that Roxey booted out she jumped very well.  Tom looked a bit mystified as to be fair Roxey usually has a clear or 4 down but that is a woman for you…

Next up was the CCI 1 star and debutante Nasdaq High ( Bodie) slipped a couple of places but still finished inside the top 10 in 7th for his international debut.  Smart stuff Bodie.

Roxey was then going cross country in the ERM in what can only be described as (South) dire conditions ( North) a perfectly acceptable August day.  Tom was barely recognisable in a blue raincoat that he had probably snaffled from a passer by and he and Roxey set out flying.  Roxey was not going to win it but she likes the speed to enable her scope and Tom clearly had no intention of ambling round in the rain any longer than necessary.  Roxey was actually brilliant and showed true grit in the way she went.  She may regret that as she looked quite the Boekelo pony today…

Back to the CCI showjumping and CHF Cooliser ( Eliza) jumped her socks off for a clear in the CCI 2 star.  Unfortunately so did leader Piggy French so it was the runner up slot but what a finish for a debut CCI 2 star! Go the girls.. Eliza is one for the future.

And in the CCI 3 .. Figaro van het Broekxhof ( Fig) jumped out of order for a 4 faulter which, considering there were only 3 clears, was a good effort, found himself in 4th.  Strike Smartly ( Paddy) jumped last for 4 faults which saw him drop from first to second but in the big scheme of things is a great result and a personal PB for Paddy. Tom and Paddy have built a huge relationship in a short time and it will only get better.

And now.. its all eyes on the World Games in Tryon as Tom and the team gear up for the next international…