Barbury Castle Thursday/ Friday

GBR-Tom McEwen’s CRH Cooiser after the CCI3*-S Section B Dressage. Interim-4th. 2019 GBR-Barbury Castle International Horse Trial. Wiltshire, Great Britain. Thursday 4 July. Copyright Photo: Libby Law Photography

Summer has stayed on into July for Barbury which is awesome as Barbury in the wind and rain is just horrible! The new layout which the team at Muskateer have worked on is brilliant and very reminiscent of the original plan back in 2005 when it launched with one exception….and massive improvement….as all the classes now showjumping in the Silver Fox Arena. It’s a great arena and it has been well watered and so educational for all the horses to jump and cope with the banks and natural undulations.

Plenty of dressage for Tom on Thursday with Dreamaway ( Dreamer) posting the best score of the three in the CI3*S with a 29.8.  CHF Cooliser ( Eliza) went next best with a 30.1 while Dream Big ( Dreamy) is a bit further off the pace with a 39.  Dreamy saves her best bit for galloping up and down the hills and she will get her chance to do that on Saturday!

The novices comprised of two chestnuts…Something Extra ( Sonny) is a cute looking horse and a nice person and his 30 test, a pole and a speedy cross country around a fairly beefy novice track left him in the top 15 of his packed section.  He is one of the bravest cross country and was not at all bothered about leaving the odd leg ( well, both actually, but luckily one at a time) at the double of verticals as his only desire is to get to the other side.  Sonny looked very happy with himself after completing his round and Tom looked pretty pleased too.

Royal Spring ( Ralph) is also a homered and is by Chilli Morning.  Tom has produced him for Philip Walker and a 31 and a double clear was good enough for 8th place and a good day out.

It was hot and dusty yesterday but there is always a good vibe at Barbury and there were plenty of smiling faces in the lorry park with a whole weekend more ahead of us. Lets hope the sun keeps shining!