Barbury Castle CIC 2 star dressage

GBR-Tom McEwen rides Strike Smartly during the CIC2* Section C Dressage. 2018 GBR-Barbury Castle International Horse Trial. Thursday 6 July. Copyright Photo: Libby Law Photography

A return to competition for the “Badminton Boys” this weekend and Strike Smartly ( Paddy) and Toledo de Kerser both found themselves in the CIC 2 star at Barbury as it seemed as good a place to start as any.  Its a bit pointless running horses like this around OI’s and Tom was not the only one to be seen riding a 4 star horse in these sections at all!

Neither horse was particularly impressed with either the slightly sloping arena or the simplicity of the test and their certainly was no mention of pot hunting as Paddy posted a 34 and Toledo a 29 in their sections!  They are both fresh and fit and Toledo thought the walk was pointless and Paddy was squealing with delight at being back out again which is exactly where you want them at this stage of the summer.

I have no doubt they will enjoy the jumping phases a whole lot more!