Ballindenisk 23rd September

Eventing at its toughest in Ireland today!  Sodden muddy ground, hurricane winds and the stables simply a quagmire make for tough conditions.  Fair play to Ballindenisk and the Fell family for running the show as I am not sure it would have gone on over here!

Joyride (Wibley) found it none too his liking and dropped down the order cross country with a 20 late on in the course. He was also unfortunate enough to pick up a massive 50 penalties very early on which is the new FEI rule this year when the rider thinks they are clear through the flags and the fence judge thinks they were not.  It would be far simpler to have a red flag that is raised for not clear and a green flag for carry on but the FEI have never liked to make things simple.

Royal Roxey put her diva shoes in a nice dry bag and went out and dug deep to go clear cross country with just 2.4 time faults to show that she can get her hands dirty when she has too!  Roxey has grown up so much this season and today really proves that she has the fight in her to become a top horse.

CHF Cooliser ( Eliza) is also one of the “gutsy girls’ group. She showjumped clear in her CIC 2 star section to hold onto 2nd place overnight in equally horrible conditions!

And hats off to Ella McEwen who works in London and who really events as a hobby these days…she was scrubbing mud off boots and helping out and still went and jumped Dunno Fear for just 4 faults in the CIC 1 star section!