Badminton SJ

GBR-Tom McEwen rides Toledo de Kerser during the Prizegiving at the Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials. Sunday 5 May 2019. Badminton, United Kingdom. Copyright Photo: Libby Law Photography

They say that Badminton is the place where dreams are made and dreams are shattered and to be quite honest, Tom’s Badminton dream was shattered yesterday with the total mess over his start time.

So today was about regrouping, consolidating Toledo de Kerser’s amazing reputation with Tom as his partner and rising above the perceived injustices of yesterday when Tom’s late start time was not removed.

Into the arena cantered Toledo after a slight detour and a bit of help from Chris Burton as Toledo is a funny quirky pony whose nerves sometimes get the better of him.  That’s the beauty of eventing…Burto was happy to give Tom a lead in event though he knew Tom was on an amazing jumper who may sneak ahead of him!

Toledo jumped the round of the day without even breathing on a pole. Tom went from 16th to 11th and at least won a silver horse for his efforts and it is for sure that the Tokyo dream is still 100% intact!

Let’s face it.. who would be brave enough to leave such a solid performance at home.  Toledo thinks he has done a 24 and a double clear and he has won Badminton so lets run with that as its good for his CV and there were plenty of people today who acknowledged the problems but backed it with ” His big win is on the way….”.

Tom was funny in the collecting ring afterwards as Harry Meade decided to address Tom’s neglect of the Queen’s English.  I know that Bobby and Ali spent a considerable amount of money on his education but as I said to Harry, one year when I asked Tom for a quote on the Burghley track and he replied ” Its big, innit” like a rapper, I lost the will to ask him for quotes. Harry quaintly persevered until Tom and I had some dirt on him so I think we are all on evens!

Needless to say Toledo is a superstar and many thanks to his loyal owners and supergroom Lucy Seddon.  We will be back!