Badminton jog.

GBR-Tom McEwen presents Toledo de Kerser during the First Horse Inspection at the Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials. Wednesday 1 May 2019. Badminton, United Kingdom. Copyright Photo: Libby Law Photography

Well what can can we say. Toledo de Kerser looked absolutely stunning today as he simply glided down the trot up strip looking a million dollars.

Tom, however, caused quite the stir when he appeared in his new trot up apparel.  He has amazing sponsors in Flying Changes which supply riding coats tailored and personalised to such stars as Charlotte du Jardin.  The team at Flying Changes are clearly used to specific instructions on how the coats/ tail coats were required and then they went to Tom with their brief for the jog at Badminton.

I can only imagine the conversation went like this.

FC “How do you envisage the jacket we will make you for Badminton?”

Tom: ” No idea mate, crack on with what ever you think”

FC “Will do…”

Hence Flying Changes puts its design team into overdrive and Tom rocks the Badminton trot up in what was variously received as ” Novel, Amazing, WTF, Wow, Tin Soldier, Little Drummer Boy, WTF, God that’s Cool, God that’s Weird, WTF ” and my favorite, ” I know Tom grabs anything for the jog or xc track but this is really quite groundbreaking!”.

Congratulations Flying Changes as you have really grabbed the media attention! As soon as I have a photo to post I will!