Aston Le Walls

Aachen or Aston Le Walls… its a tough choice!  Toledo de Kerser ended up at Aston instead of Tom’s preferred plan as the selectors decided to use Aachen to test out some of the up and coming horses so it ended up being an easy weekend with just two of Tom’s favourites to ride.

Dreamaway just cruises through life and finds everything very easy.  This was just a scheduled OI run in between the bigger things and a 24.6 dressage proved yet again how much the judges love him.  A rail at Aston is like a clear most other places and a very easy run cross country saw just 1.6 time added for 5th spot.

Toledo is not allowed to run very fast in many places as he has a brain which could quite easily be fried if that was to happen! He had a nice test for 31 and he duly did his usual clear round over the rails before a steady and very uneventful run around the cross country adding 20 time faults.. which was still good enough for 10th!

As we head into the second half of the season things are gearing up for a busy one with lots of horses being aimed at the three days and CIC’s that are on the calendar.  Its going to be a fun run through til the end of October!