Month: May 2019 by Jacky Green


Lots of horses and plenty of action at Rockingham this weekend.  It is not only a great venue but boasts some really grown up cross country tracks and the main arena has a proper international feel to it.  Yet it still retains an old fashioned charm with the organising team being particularly helpful and they… Read more »


Mid week events mean baby horses and Tom had plenty of them to take to Howick on Tuesday and Wednesday this week!  At least Howick is just a zip down the M4 being just over the Severn Bridge in Wales and the Welsh tracks are usually a bit more agricultural than the portable type of… Read more »

Chatsworth CI 4*S SJ and XC

Fig was an absolute hero today as he jumped his socks off and was pretty unlucky to just catch a single rail in the showjumping to add 4 faults to is dressage score. It didn’t look easy in there for sure but Laura Collett and London 52 jumped the clear to put them ahead, and… Read more »

Chatsworth CI 2*, ERM and CI 4* Dressage

Tom and his team had a rather early 2am start for Chatsworth on Friday morning as he seemed to have a horse in every class available!  Brookfield Benjamin Bounce ( Bounce), Chatsworth Diamond and Cassiana de Riverland ( Cassie) were attempting their first internationals with the CI 2*S, Shannondale Aero his BYEH class as an… Read more »

Aston Le Walls, Wednesday

  The crowds and the parading and the prize givings….. along with the frustration and the what-may-have-beens…. seem a long time ago when the team are back on the road and heading off to Aston Le Walls for two days of competition in the pouring rain! It would have made Badminton an entirely different competition… Read more »

#RIPSidney 🐾💙

The time came earlier in the week to say farewell to Sid after 18 years, he was simply one in a million.

Badminton SJ

They say that Badminton is the place where dreams are made and dreams are shattered and to be quite honest, Tom’s Badminton dream was shattered yesterday with the total mess over his start time. So today was about regrouping, consolidating Toledo de Kerser’s amazing reputation with Tom as his partner and rising above the perceived… Read more »

Badminton Cross Country

A day of drama all around at Badminton and with massive crowds, sunshine ( if not warmth!) pretty perfect going and an interesting Eric Winter track to jump, plenty of atmosphere to deal with. Tom, as always, was immune to the hype and had his own plans for his morning warm up. Badminton have officials… Read more »

Badminton Dressage

Thursday afternoon at Badminton in cool and breezy conditions and as a very relaxed looking Tom and Toledo de Kerser rode out of the stables for the hack up to the main arena they looked for all the world like they were going off for an amble. Tom has a unique ability to “chill” horses… Read more »

Badminton jog.

Well what can can we say. Toledo de Kerser looked absolutely stunning today as he simply glided down the trot up strip looking a million dollars. Tom, however, caused quite the stir when he appeared in his new trot up apparel.  He has amazing sponsors in Flying Changes which supply riding coats tailored and personalised… Read more »